American Bandstand

June 30, 1958 Season 1 Episode 250


Plot Synopsis: Fabian (non-singing appearance) American Bandstand brought rock 'n' roll music into millions of households. It showed Americans how to do the latest dance steps. Dick Clark, "America's Oldest Teenager" hosted the series for most of it's run.

Regular Bandstand segments were "The Spotlight Dance," "Rate-A-Record" and The "American Bandstand" Top 10 Countdown. "The Spotlight Dance" featured 2 or more couples dancing to a softer tune. "Rate-A-Record" had teenage contestants rate and comment on a record played on the show. The "AMERICAN BANDSTAND TOP TEN" features a countdown of the day's Top 10 Hits.

American Bandstand began as a local Philadelphia show called Bandstand. It debuted on October 13, 1952 on WFIL-TV Channel 6. It became "American Bandstand" on August 5, 1957 when ABC began broadcasting the series nationwide. For its first 6 seasons, American Bandstand aired Mondays through Fridays. On September 7, 1963, it became a once-a-week series airing Saturday afternoons. A few months later, on February 8, 1964, the show itself moved from its home in Philadelphia, PA to its new home in Los Angeles. But despite the changes, American Bandstand's fans remained loyal to the series, which continued to present the latest music and dances. It even inspired another long-running dance show, Soul Train, which is still running today.

American Bandstand's long association with ABC ended on September 5, 1987. The series returned 2 weeks later on September 19, 1987 in first-run syndication and on April 8, 1989, American Bandstand made another move, this time to the USA cable network. It also featured a new host, David Hirsch. This version lasted only 6 months with the final show airing on October 7, 1989. In 1995, VH-1 began showing classic episodes of American Bandstand. These edited into 30-minute reruns featured many of the stars that the show had made famous.

Episode Cast
Fabian ... Himself
Dick Clark ... Himself - Host
Ed McMahon ... Announcer
Charlie O'Donnell ... Himself/Announcer

Producor: Dick Clark