The Discography included in the following tables does not pretend to be a complete Discography of every Fabian Single and Album ever released throughout the World! Instead, they include all major releases and where possible, track listings. The Discography is still under construction and all comments and additions are welcome. Enjoy !

Date Peak
Title Label & Number
58   I'm In Love/Shivers Chancellor 1020
58   Be My Steady Date/Lilly Lou
Chancellor 1024
1/12/59 31 I'm A Man/Hypnotized

Chancellor 1029

3/30/59 9 Turn Me Loose/Stop Thief

Chancellor 1033
6/15/59 3 Tiger/Mighty Cold

Chancellor 1037
9/7/59 29 Come On And Get Me
Chancellor 1041 B
9/21/59 54 Got The Feeling

Chancellor 1041 A

11/16/59 9 Hound Dog Man
Chancellor 1044 A
11/23/59 12 This Friendly World
Chancellor 1044 B
2/22/60 39 String Along Chancellor 1047 B
2/29/60 31 About This Thing Called Love
Chancellor 1047 A
60   I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/Strollin' In The Springtime

Chancellor 1051
60   King Of Love/Tomorrow
Chancellor 1055
10/31/60 91 Kissin' And Twistin'/Long Before
Chancellor 1061
61   You Know You Belong to Someone Else/Hold On

Chancellor 1067
61   Grapevine/David and Goliath

Chancellor 1072
61   The Love That I'm Giving to You/You're Only Young Once

Chancellor 1079
61   A Girl Like You/Dream Factory

Chancellor 1084
61   Tongue Tied/Kansas City
Chancellor 1086
61   Wild Party/Made You

Chancellor 1092
63   Break Down and Cry/She's Staying Inside With Me
Dot 16413
77   The American East/Ease On Into My Life
Cream 7717
89   Turn Me Loose/Hound Dog Man

Col 3868 A

Col 3868 B


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