The Dick Powell Show" Run Till It's Dark

October 9, 1962 (Season 2, Episode 3)

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Director: Robert Ellis Miller

Writer: Turnley Walker

Plot Synopsis: Tuesday Weld plays a kooky, free-spirited, mixed-up, wild-child, beat girl being chased down the highway by a man wearing dark sunglasses. She pulls into a small town, sells her car and checks into a motel. Her follower is hot on her trail so she slips out the back and hitches a ride to Las Vegas where see meets Fabian at a roulette table. Fabian agrees to drive her to San Francisco in his convertible black sports car. During the trip she insists that he drive 130 mph while she stands up in the passenger seat! Tuesday turns into a real head case but Fabian is hooked on her until the final fade. This episode is much more "beat cinema" than 1960s family TV!

Episode Cast
Larry J. Blake ... Pit Boss (as Larry Blake)
Fabian ... Jake Cobb
Bert Freed ... Henderson
Don Gazzaniga ... Patrolman #3
Jill Jackson ... Woman Proprietor
Jess Kirkpatrick ... Gaffer
Paul Newlan ... Truck Driver
Frank J. Scannell ... Car Salesman (as Frank Scannell)
Joe Scott ... Croupier
Paul Sorensen ... Patrolman #2
Tuesday Weld ... Stacy Palmer
Will J. White ... Patrolman #1

Producer: Aaron Spelling