"The Virginian" Say Goodbye to All That

January 23, 1963 (Season 1, Episode 18)

Directed by: William Witney

Writer: Al C. Ward

Genre: Western

Plot Synopsis: In self-defence, Trampas is forced to shoot Big John Belden (Charles McGraw), who took exception to Trampas dancing with his his son Martin's (Fabian) fiancee. John is left a paraplegic and he encourages his son to take revenge on Trampas for the family honor even though Martin is, in direct contrast to his father, very mild mannered. Trampas is afraid he will have to kill Martin but their feud is interrupted by an encounter with Moses, a fierce lengendary bear.

Episode Cast (in credits order)
James Beck ... Hank
Robert Brubaker ... Trent
John Bryant ... Doctor Marrs
Robert Christopher ... Rick
Katherine Crawford ... Alice Lawford
Royal Dano ... Faraway MacPhail
Roy Engel ... Wilkins
Fabian ... Martin Beldon
Paul Langton ... Bartlett
Charles McGraw ... Big John Beldon
Howard Wendell
Howard Wright ... Coozie
Meg Wyllie ... Sarah Beldon
Lee J. Cobb ... Judge Henry Garth
Pippa Scott ... Molly Wood
Randy Boone ... Randy Benton
Jan Stine ... Eddie
Frank Sully ... Danny